Thursday, November 6, 2008


Chronological sequence for the Indiana Jones Box Set

By Jason LeBlanc

Raiders of the Lost Ark

1-01 In The Jungle
1-02 The Idol Temple
1-03 Escape From The Temple
1-04 Flight From Peru
1-05 Washington Men / Indy's Home
1-06 A Thought For Marion / To Nepal
1-07 The Medallion
1-08 Flight To Cairo
1-09 The Basket Game
1-10 Bad Dates
1-11 The Map Room: Dawn
1-12 Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well
1-13 The Well Of The Souls
5-03 Uncovering The Ark
1-14 Indy Rides The Statue
1-15 The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing
1-16 Desert Chase
1-17 Marion's Theme / The Crate
1-18 The German Sub
1-19 Ride To The Nazi Hideout
1-20 Indy Follows The Ark
1-21 The Miracle Of The Ark
1-22 Washington Ending / Raiders March
5-01 The Raiders March


Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

2-01 Anything Goes
2-02 Indy Negotiates
2-03 The Nightclub Brawl
2-04 Fast Streets of Shanghai
2-05 Map / Out of Fuel
2-06 Slalom on Mt. Humol
5-04 Indy And The Villagers
2-07 Short Round's Theme
2-08 The Scroll / To Pankot Palace
2-09 Nocturnal Activities
5-05 The Secret Passage
2-10 Bug Tunnel And Death Trap
2-13 The Temple of Doom
2-11 Approaching The Stones
2-12 Children In Chains
2-14 Short Round Escapes
2-15 Saving Willie
2-16 Slave Children's Crusade
2-17 Short Round Helps
2-18 The Mine Car Chase
2-19 Water!
2-20 The Sword Trick
2-21 The Broken Bridge / British Relief
5-12 Return to the Village / Raiders March
2-22 End Credits


Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

3-01 Indy's Very First Adventure
3-02 The Boat Scene
5-06 Father's Study
3-03 X Marks The Spot
3-04 Ah, Rats!!!
3-05 Escape From Venice
3-06 Journey To Austria
3-07 Father And Son Reunited
5-07 Marcus Is Captured (0:00-0:48)
3-08 The Austrian Way
3-10 Alarm!
3-09 Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra
5-07 To Berlin (0:48-end)
5-08 To The Blimp
3-11 No Ticket
5-09 Blimp Turns Around
3-12 Keeping Up With The Joneses
3-13 Brother Of The Cruciform Sword
5-10 Death Of Kazim
3-15 Belly Of The Steel Beast (0:00-2:24)
3-14 On The Tank
3-15 Belly Of The Steel Beast (2:24-end)
3-16 The Canyon Of The Crescent Moon
3-17 The Penitent Man Will Pass
3-18 The Keeper Of The Grail
5-11 Wrong Choice, Right Choice
3-19 Finale and End Credits


Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

4-06 The Spell of the Skull
4-08 A Whirl Through Academe
4-07 The Journey to Akator
4-15 Oxley's Dilemma (0:00-2:14)
4-12 Grave Robbers (0:00-0:56)
4-14 Secret Doors and Scorpions
4-11 Orellana's Cradle
4-09 "Return"
4-05 The Snake Pit
4-10 The Jungle Chase
4-16 Ants!
4-15 Oxley's Dilemma (2:14-end)
4-12 Grave Robbers (0:56-end)
4-13 Hidden Treasure and the City of Gold (2:30-end)
4-17 Temple Ruins and the Secret Revealed (0:00-2:16)
4-13 Hidden Treasure and the City of Gold (0:00-2:30)
4-17 Temple Ruins and the Secret Revealed (2:16-end)
4-18 The Departure
4-19 Finale
4-01 Raiders March
4-02 Call of the Crystal
4-03 The Adventures of Mutt
4-04 Irina's Theme



Jason LeBlanc said...

Just updated.

If you've made your own chronological Crystal Skull CD, where did you place the concert arrangements?

Blondheim said...

I tend to think of scores as existing in Act 1 and Act II, and I always place the themes inbetween the acts. I don't know why that always seems to make the most sense to me, but it just has the best listening esperience.

The re-releases of the original Star Wars trilogy has that format so maybe that's why.

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