Thursday, November 6, 2008



101. 1m2 Unknown Title ("Main Title")4:49D1-T01 Indy's Very First Adventure (0:00-4:49)
02. 1m3 Unknown Title ("Stealing The Cross")3:22D1-T01 Indy's Very First Adventure (4:49-8:11)
      1m3 Circus Organ Sweetener (Overlays 0:42-0:54 of 1m3)0:12 Unreleased
03. 1m4/2m1 Unknown Title ("Escape From The Train")3:49D1-T01 Indy's Very First Adventure (8:11-end)
      1m4/2m1x Sweetener (Overlays 0:00-0:05 of 1m4/2m1)0:05 Unreleased
04. 2m2 The Boat Scene2:23D3-T02 The Boat Scene
205. 2m3/3m1 Sinister Visitors0:53Officially Unreleased
306. 3m2a The Holy Grail1:00Officially Unreleased
407. 3m3 Father's Study2:27D5-T06 Father's Study
08. 3m4 Unknown Title ("Flight To Venice")1:06D3-T03 X Marks The Spot (0:00-1:06)
509. 4m1 Unknown Title ("X Marks The Spot")2:50D3-T03 X Marks The Spot (1:04-end) / Unreleased (0:45)
      4m1 Insert (Replaces 1:31-1:37 of 4m1)0:06 Unreleased
610. 4m2 Beneath The Floors2:41Officially Unreleased
11. 4m3/5m1 Kazim and the Rats!3:40D3-T04 Ah, Rats!!!
712. 5m3 Intro0:02Unreleased
13. 5m3 Unknown Title ("The Boat Chase")4:22D3-T05 Escape From Venice
      5m3 Mandolin Sweetener 1 (Overlays 0:49-0:59 of 5m3)0:10 Unreleased
      5m3 Mandolin Sweetener 2 (Overlays 1:23-1:31 of 5m3)0:08 Unreleased
      5m3 Mandolin Sweetener 2 (Overlays 1:50-1:55 of 5m3)0:05 Unreleased
814. 5m6 Into Bavaria0:38D3-T06 Journey To Austria
915. 5m6/6m1 Bringing On Father1:49D3-T07 Father And Son Reunited
1016. 6m2 Discussing The Book2:06Officially Unreleased
      6m2x New Ending (Replaces 1:56-end of 6m2)0:09Officially Unreleased
17. 6m3 Alternate Start / 6m3 Unknown Title ("Elsa's Betrayal")1:59Officially Unreleased
1118. 6m4 Market Source1:57Officially Unreleased
1219. 6m5 The Capture Of Marcus0:48D5-T07 Marcus Is Captured (0:00-0:48)
1320. 7m1 The Austrian Way2:40D3-T08 The Austrian Way
21. 7m2 Room In Flames3:06D3-T10 Alarm!
      7m2 Insert #1
      7m2 Insert #2
22. 7m3 Unknown Title ("The Motorcycle Chase")3:53D3-T09 Scherzo For Motorcyle And Orchestra
1423. 7m4/8m1 To Berlin1:09Officially Unreleased (0:02) / D5-T07 To Berlin (0:48-end)
1524. 8m2 Koeniggraetzer March2:55Officially Unreleased
      8m2 (Timpani Overdub)0:50Unreleased
1625. 8m3 Meeting Hitler2:04D5-T08 To The Blimp
1726. 8m5 Intrigue On The Dirigible2:45D3-T11 No Ticket
1827. 8m7/9m1 Turning Around1:30D5-T09 The Blimp Turns Around
1928. 9m2 Unknown Title ("The Biplane Chase")3:37D3-T12 Keeping Up With The Joneses
      9m2 New Ending (Completely replaces 9m2)1:43Officially Unreleased
      9m2 Final Ending (Replaces 1:20-end of 9m2 New Ending)0:23Unreleased
2029. 9m3 Palace Source1:18Unreleased
2130. 9m4 Kasim Meets Max1:57D3-T13 Brother Of The Cruciform Sword
2231. 10m1 The Death Of Kazim2:27D5-T10 Death Of Kazim
      10m1 Insert 1 (Replaces 0:43-0:53 of 10m1)0:14Officially Unreleased & Unused In Film
      10m1 Insert 2 (Replaces 1:04-1:09 of 10m1)0:05Unreleased
      10m1 Insert 3 (Replaces 1:47-end of 10m1)0:20Unreleased & Unused In Film
      10m1 Insert A
Unreleased & Unused In Film
      10m1 Fix Fix For Bar 65 (Replaces 1:47-end of 10m1)0:20Officially Unreleased
2332. 10m2 Unknown Title ("The Tank Chase")2:24D3-T15 Belly Of The Steel Beast (0:00-2:24)
33. 10m3/11m1 On The Tank3:38D3-T14 On The Tank
      10m3/11m1 Insert 1 (Replaces 1:17-1:25 of 10m3/11m1)0:08 Unreleased
      10m3/11m1 Insert 2 (Replaces 1:37-1:40 of 10m3/11m1)0:03 Unreleased
33. 11m2 Unknown Title ("Indy Vs Vogel")3:05D3-T15 Belly Of The Steel Beast (2:24-end)
2434. 11m4/12m1 The Canyon Of The Crescent Moon4:43Unreleased (1:00) / D3-T16 The Canyon Of The Crescent Moon (0:34-end)
      11m4/12m1 Overlap Indy Dad Alternate Start (Replaces 0:00-1:00 of 11m4/12m1)0:34D3-T16 The Canyon Of The Crescent Moon (0:00-0:34)
2535. 12m2 The Penitent Man Will Pass2:51Officially Unreleased
36. 13m1 Unknown Title ("The Name Of God / The Path Of God")3:24D3-T17 The Penitent Man Will Pass
37. 13m2 Unknown Title ("The Keeper Of The Grail")3:24D3-T18 The Keeper Of The Grail
38. 13m3 The Wrong Choice4:36D5-T11 Wrong Choice, Right Choice
2639. 13m4/14m1 Letting It Go2:07D3-T19 Finale (0:00-2:07)
40. 14m2 End Credits8:33D3-T19 End Credits (2:07-end)
 TOTAL TIME:116:20 

Cue list compiled by Jason LeBlanc

Special thanks to JWFan members "Nemesis", John Takis, and Maurizio Caschetto


Unknown said...

What about the music on the beach? The sequence when Indy's dad uses his umbrella to freak out the wildlife?

Jason LeBlanc said...

John William's original version of that music is in "Keeping Up With The Joneses". The revised film version is on the bootlegs as either "Keeping Up With The Joneses (Film Version)" or "The Birds Of Charlemagne"

Anonymous said...

Does "Keeping Up The With The Joneses" actually fit in the movie? I always assumed it was a concert version or special album arrangement that incorporated segments of "Marcus Captured" (minues the Nazi Fanfare at the end) and "Birds of Charlemagne". Where in the film would you actually start the cue?

Plus, "Keeping Up With The Joneses"? John Williams isn't usually so showy with his cue titles. I don't know...

By the way - AMAZING work on this site. It's great to be able to turn to a place and find such a wealth of information!

- ValentinIce

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, where in the score does the source music go?

Maurizio said...

There are some interesting overdubs in a couple of cues:

"Indy's First Adventure" -- when Indy mount on the horse and he's pursued by the diggers on the car, there's a playful circus organ overdub, but it's mixed only on the front channels.

"Escape from Venice" -- the mandolin overdub plays almost continuously on the first half of the cue, but again it's mixed only in the front channels.

Did anyone else notice it?

Jason LeBlanc said...

ValentineIce: Yes, "Keeping Up With The Joneses" is an actual cue from the film, and not a concert arrangement. You can somewhat line it up with the film if you start it when Henry shoots the tail of the plane they are in, but it doesn't line up exactly as the film was edited after the version Williams scored to.

Anonymous: "Iskenderun" is between "Elsa's Betrayal" and "Marcus Is Captured", while "Der Koniggratzer" is between "To Berlin" and "To The Blimp"

Maurizio: Thanks for pointing those out! Now incorporated into the cue list!

Anonymous said...


I'm still not so sure about "keeping up with the Joneses". Do you have proof that it actually was recorded for the film? You might be right, but I just can't see it.

I tried to line it up a few days ago, and no matter how I placed it (you are correct that the best place to put it is right after the tail gets shot off), it didn't work - and not just because the scene was re-edited. The whole scene seemed off. For a couple reasons:

1. The first half contains almost the entire cue of "Marcus Is Captured" save for the Nazi theme at the end. I can't imagine that John Williams would re-use an entire cue within 45 minutes of each other.

2. The playful music seems so out of place as the Messerchmidt chases them. JW usually has such great sense of tone - it's hard to believe he would choose to score a tense car chase with a German aircraft that bursts into fire - with a light, bouncy march.

3. There is very little use of accents or orchestra hits for things such as the car peeling away from the farmer, the messerchmidt crashing into the tunnel, and Henry scaring the pigeons. It seems to me that John Williams would have made note of these events with the music.

Aside from the little "On the beach" tag and ending "father and son" tag, the track contains no music from "Birds of Charlemagne" - leading me to believe that John Williams always intended to leave the biplane chase unscored, bringing in the orchestra only when Indy and Henry emerge from the smoking crater - with the Scherzo.

I think Keeping Up With the Joneses is an album edit (or concert arrangement - but not used in concert) of "Marcus is Captured", "The Birds of Charlemagne" and a couple other musical thoughts on the "Father and Son" theme. I can't imagine that he actually wanted to score the biplane chase with it.

On another note - in a similar vein - Do you think JW intended for a majority of "Belly of The Steel Beast" (The first section) to be used in the final film? Only a small portion of it ends up in the film - and I can't imagine they cut 2:30 out of the scene. If you start it right as Vogel shuts the tank hatch (after "The Other Jones!") it kind of times out to the film - but, like "keeping up with the Joneses", I can't imagine JW intended it that way.

And also, why is "Belly of The Steel Beast" included on the cue list? I was under the impression that it was a later addition AFTER the sessions when Spielberg wanted the music to come in earlier than "on the tank" - which starts with the rock being shoved in the turret. Were the cue numbers changed later to reflect the insertion of it?

Thanks again Jason for your excellent work on this site!

- ValentinIce

Anonymous said...


You just might be right. I fiddled with it again, and I suppose it kind of works - except for the "Marcus Is Captured" segment and the portion of the cue that accompanies the flaming jet through the tunnel. It just seems so out of character for John Williams. You must admit that.

Anyway - for those interested - I think the proper placement of the cue is right as Indy says, "Dad are we hit?" (or a milisecond before). The ending should play correctly for the cut to Hatay. The scene must have been re-cut pretty severely though - since I still don't think it works...


Jason LeBlanc said...
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Jason LeBlanc said...

Valentine, you're certainly right that the original "Keeping Up With The Joneses" music doesn't fit the scenes very well... probably one of the major reasons it was re-scored!

Additionally, its possible that the scene was not only re-edited, but they could have filmed stuff in pickups and changed the way the whole scene worked as well.

And yes, it is a film cue, and not a concert arrangement... its original slate number is "9m2", and the "Birds Of Charlemagne" piece is "9m2 New Ending".

As for Belly, the Tank Chase music has always had 3 parts - 10m2,10m3/11m1, and 11m2. The original OST track "Belly Of The Steel Beast" simply combined 10m2 and 11m2, omitting 10m3/11m1.

I'm not sure where people have been getting their information that "On The Tank" was written later when the scene was expanded, or that the first part of "Belly" was written later, etc.

I think it was always made up of the 3 cues, but the film was re-edited after scoring necessitating in most of the first cue being dropped.

Anonymous said...

Okay Jason-

I'm still bugged by all this "Keeping Up With The Joneses" mystery.

Maybe it's just me - but I can't imagine this cue being intended for the film. I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the visual effects supervisors for Last Crusade at a recent screening of the film. He spoke in great details about the messerschmidt chase and never mentioned anything about re-editing. Not to mention, there's nothing in the script to suggest there's anything else in that scene.

As for the cue sheet, are you POSITIVE that 9m2 is "Keeping Up With The Joneses"? The cue on the bootleg begins a little differently than the cue in the film (which I'm guessing is 9m2 new opening - hence the new opening). Is it possible that 9m2 is "Birds of Charlimagne" as it appears on the bootleg and 9m2 "New Opening" is the one that appears in the film? Or could the film opening of 9m2 be just edited for the movie? Any way to transcribe your sheet music and figure out exactly what is what?

For "Belly of the Steel Beast", we are missing the sheet music for both parts of the cue (assumed to be 10m2 and 10m4/11m1). Are you sure that 10m2 is Belly of The Steel Beast as we know it? I always assumed that On The Tank originally started the chase - since it began with the Raiders march fanfare that was unused. I seem to recall the cue analysis on JWFan confirming this theory.

I always did wonder why so much of "Belly" is not in the film. Like the messerschmidt chase, I can't think of anything in the script to support the idea of a longer Tank chase. And why did they go back and write all those inserts for reel 10 and 11? It reeks of last minute additions to me.

I hope we get the complete history of all these cues someday. Maybe in the Lukas Kendall-authored liner notes of some even more complete box set in the future?

- ValentinIce

Datameister said...

Thanks so much for posting all the info on this site. It's immensely informative and useful, and I appreciate you taking the time to make it available in one place. =)

Andrew said...

Where Can I find the missing music? I tried to search online, but am completely clueless. I am really disappointed that the collection misses so much music. I was hoping to hear the "rope bridge" music and it's not there.


Jason LeBlanc said...

You can hear 30 seconds of the rope bridge music right here on this very site, under the "Missing Music" section. For that clip, I simply recorded the rear-channels of the DVD's 5.1 surround mix.

Yarko said...

I messed around quite a bit with trying to place "belly" back when the first last crusade CD came out (yes, years ago), and I had noticed that they had cut most of the first part of the cue out of the film (and left the middle part off the CD, dangit). I found that the uncut first part of it fits pretty well (except for some probable post film edits) if you start it right after Sallah says "they have them - in the belly of that steel beast". As soon as the film cuts to indy's face and he says "YAH!", start the first of the three cues. It works really well. It seems like the proper starting place for that music, and I figure that's what was intended. Sometimes I wonder if mistakes are made as to where cues are supposed to start and editors end up just yanking sections out to make it fit. Or maybe Lucasberg just wanted the first part of the scene musicless. Of course, you do have to drop the indy fanfare at the beginning of the 2nd cue to mix it with the first.

As for "keeping up", that thing pisses me off. None of it works at all. I figured that they must have completely reshot and reedited that entire sequence from escaping the blimp to the shot of Hatay, maybe after a negative screening. It is known that there was interior blimp stuff cut from the film, including a scene with the big guy that indy fought in the first two movies. I am considering trying to edit "keeping up" to fit the silly sequence somehow. There has got to be a way to do it. :)

Squido said...

I love "Belly of the Steel Beast" and am disapointed to find that most of it was cut out of the tank sequence. However I have noticed that segments have been included. these include: When Indy is fighting with the henchmen on the back of the Tank there is a drum roll theme which plays at about: 2:47, and all of the ending was included which terminates with the tank rolling off the cliff. I am also disapointed at the lack of sheet music for many Indiana Jones themes. I am a keen trombone player and would apprectate grearly if somone could tell me where to find Belly of The Steel Beast Sheet music.

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