Thursday, November 6, 2008



101. 1m1 High Life In Hong Kong0:39D2-T01 Anything Goes (0:00-0:39)
02. 1m2 Anything Goes0:51D2-T01 Anything Goes (0:39-1:30)
03. 1m2a Anything Goes - Part II1:19D2-T01 Anything Goes (1:30-end)
204. 1m3 Anything Playoff0:12Unreleased
305. 1m4 A Tribute To Vernon1:30Unreleased
406. 1m5 Indy Negotiates3:59D2-T02 Indy Negotiates
07. 1m6 Once In A Vial2:32D2-T03 The Nightclub Brawl
      1m6a Dance Orchestra (Overlays 0:47-1:27 of 1m6)0:40Unreleased
08. 1m7/2m1 Through Chinatown3:47D2-T04 Fast Streets Of Shanghai (0:00-0:46) / Unreleased (0:08) / (0:46-end)
09. 2m2 Out Of Fuel / 2m2 Insert (1) / 2m2 Insert (2)3:22D2-T05 Map / Out Of Fuel
      2m2 Revised Map Extension (Replaces 0:16-0:46 of 2m2)0:38Officially Unreleased
      2m2a Bar 34 Insert (Replaces 1:12-1:16 of 2m2)0:04Unreleased
      2m2b Bar 76 Insert (Replaces 2:24-2:31 of 2m2)0:07Unreleased & Mostly Dialed Out In Film
10. 2m3a New Intro / 2m3 Down The Snowbank2:24D2-T06 Slalom On Mt Humol
      2m3b Snowbank Sweetener0:05Unreleased & Unused In Film
11. 2m4 The Indian Village1:12Unreleased
512. 3m1 The Old Priest's Tale3:21Officially Unreleased
      3m1 Revised The Old Priest (Completely replaces 3m1)3:54D5-T04 Indy And The Villagers
13. 3m2 The Child Returns2:21Unreleased
      3m2a Alternate Beginning (Replaces 0:00-0:26 of 3m2)0:22Unreleased
14. 3m3/4m1 The Elephant Ride2:29D2-T07 Short Round's Theme
615. 4m2 The Scroll1:20D2-T08 The Scroll (0:00-1:20)
16. 4m3 To Pankot Palace3:06D2-T08 To Pankot Palace (1:20-end)
      4m3 Insert 0:28Unreleased
717. 4m4? Unknown Title ("Palace Source 1")1:37Unreleased
818. 5m1 Entrance Of The Boy King0:25Unreleased & Unused In Film
      5m1x The Emperor's Entrance (Completely replaces 5m1)0:35Unreleased
919. 5m2 Unknown Title ("Palace Source 2")5:13Unreleased
      5m2a The First Supper (Overlays various parts of 5m2)1:03Unreleased
      5m2b Exchange Of Glances (Overlays part of 5m2)0:15Unreleased & Unused In Film
1020. 5m3 Nocturnal Activities3:29D2-T09 Nocturnal Activities (0:00-3:29)
21. 5m4/6m1 Strangle Hold2:25D2-T09 Nocturnal Activities (3:29-end)
22. 6m2 The Inner Chamber3:31D5-T05 The Secret Passage
23. 6m3 The Walls Come Down3:31D2-T10 Bug Tunnel And Death Trap
1124. 7m1 Sanskrit Sacrifice2:58D2-T13 The Temple Of Doom
25. 7m2 More Sacrifice2:33Unreleased
      7m1a Sacrifice Sweetener4:13Unreleased
      7m1d Percussion Sweetener - One
      7m2d Percussion Sweetener - Two
      7m3d Percussion Sweetener - Three
1226. 7m3 Approaching The Stones2:39D2-T11 Approaching The Stones
1327. 7m4/8m1 Slave Children2:42D2-T12 Children In Chains
      7m4/8m1 Insert (Replaces 2:28-end of 7m4/8m1)0:09Unreleased
28. 8m2 Moloram's Speech2:39Unreleased
29. 8m3 The Evil Potion2:46Unreleased
1430. 9m1 Short Round Escapes2:22D2-T14 Short Round Escapes
      9m1x Sacrifice Continued (Overlays 0:00-1:11 of 9m1)1:15Unreleased
31. 9m2 Willy In The Fryer1:35Unreleased & Mostly Unused In Film
32. 9m3 Saving Willy3:35D2-T15 Saving Willie
33. 9m7/10m1 Crusade Of The Slave Children3:23D2-T16 Slave Children's Crusade
34. 10m2 Short Round Helps Out1:15D2-T17 Short Round Helps (0:00-1:15)
35. 10m3 Indy Takes Charge3:34D2-T17 Short Round Helps (1:15-end)
1536. 10m4/11m1 Mine Car Chase3:41D2-T18 The Mine Car Chase
1637. 11m1 Water Music1:55D2-T19 Water!
      11m1 Insert (Replaces 0:32-0:46 of 11m1)0:14Unreleased
38. 11m2 The Sword Trick1:05D2-T20 The Sword Trick
39. 11m3 Unknown Title ("The Rope Bridge")2:05Unreleased
40. 11m4 The Broken Bridge3:33D2-T21 The Broken Bridge (0:00-3:33)
41. 11m5/12m1 British Relief1:14D2-T21 British Relief (3:33-end)
42. 12m2 Finale3:27D5-T12 Return To The Village / Raiders March
43. 12m5 End Credits6:13Unreleased (0:26) / D2-T22 End Credits (0:32-end)
 TOTAL TIME:125:14 

Cue list compiled by Jason LeBlanc

Special thanks to JWFan members "Nemesis", "colinthompson", and "DarkLord89"


Scoresdecine said...

This is one of the best Williams' scores! The music is great, even the movie!

Andrew said...

Where can I find the missing music?

Anonymous said...


In film scoring (music creation) can someone please explain what the 'cue' symbols (eg) "2m3", "insert" and "D2-T O2" mean in detail?

A link would be great.

I am googeling "score cues" etc but can't get any good hits.

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