Thursday, November 6, 2008



101. 1m1 In The Jungle4:13D1-T01 In The Jungle
02. 1m2 The Cave3:56D1-T02 The Idol Cave
203. 1m3 The Rolling Ball1:34D1-T03 Escape From The Temple
      1m3 Insert (Replaces 0:00-0:03 of 1m3)0:09Officially Unreleased
304. 2m2 Flight To Freedom2:24D1-T04 Flight From Peru
405. 3m1 The Book1:06D1-T05 Washington Men / Indy's Home
506. 3m2 Thinking Of Marion0:48D1-T06 A Thought For Marion (0:00-0:48)
07. 3m3 To Tibet1:24D1-T06 To Nepal (0:48-end)
608. 3m4/4m1 The Medallion2:55D1-T07 The Medallion
709. 4m2 To Cairo1:30D1-T08 Flight To Cairo
810. 4m4/5m1 Escape In The Alleys5:02D1-T09 The Basket Game
911. 5m3 Poisoned Dates0:48D1-T10 Bad Dates (0:00-0:48)
1012. 5m5/6m1 Don't Touch That0:25D1-T10 Bad Dates (0:48-end)
1113. 6m2 Discovering The Script3:53D1-T11 The Map Room: Dawn
1214. 6m3 Reunion In The Tent4:02D1-T12 Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well
1315. 7m1 The Floor That Moves5:28D1-T13 The Well Of The Souls
16. 7m2/8m1 Uncovering The Arc5:32D5-T03 Uncovering The Ark
1417. 8m2 Marion Into The Pit0:36DCC LP 12 The Well Of Souls (10:41-end)
1518. 8m3 Escaping The Pit2:05Officially Unreleased
      8m3 Fix (Replaces 0:00-1:00 of 8m3)1:07D1-T14 Indy Rides The Statue
      8m3 Fix 2 0:42Officially Unreleased
1619. 8m5 Pffist Fight4:37D1-T15 The Fist Flight / The Flying Wing
1720. 9m1 Indie In Pursuit2:32DCC CD 13 Desert Chase (0:00-2:32)
21. 9m1A Truck Chase3:10DCC CD 13 Desert Chase (2:32-5:42)
22. 9m1B Indie's Feats2:33DCC CD 13 Desert Chase (5:42-end)
1823. 10m4 En Bateau2:10D1-T17 Marion's Theme / The Crate
1924. 10m5 The German Sub1:23D1-T18 The German Sub
2025. 10m6 The Nazi Hideout3:20D1-T19 Ride To The Nazi Hideout
2126. 11m1 Indy Rescues The Ark1:40D1-T20 Indy Follows The Ark
2227. 11m2/12m1 The Miracle Of The Arc6:07D1-T21 The Miracle Of The Ark
2328. n/a End Credits Part 10:56D1-T22 Washington Ending (0:00-0:54)
29. n/a End Credits Part 25:58D1-T22 Raiders March (0:54-end)
 TOTAL TIME:84:05 
24n/a End Credits Part 2 (Edit 1)2:28D5-T01 The Raiders March
25n/a End Credits Part 2 (Edit 2)2:50DCC CD 01 The Raiders March
26n/a End Credits Part 2 (Edit 3)5:20DCC CD 21 End Credits
 TOTAL TIME:10:38 

Cue list compiled by Jason LeBlanc

Special thanks to JWFan members "DarkLord89" and "Score"


Anonymous said...

I have a 3:07 and a 2:12 (edit) version of "The Raiders March." Any idea where these are from or what the edit in the second may be?

Jason LeBlanc said...

No idea, sorry

Unknown said...


At the end of "Indy rides the statue", a short sequence is missing : the "Indiana Jones Theme" when he succeeds to make the statue falling.
This part also does not exist in the end of "escaping the pit", which continues "Indy rides the statue".
So it is totally missing of this list and in all music existing (official and release). Is it a single short track only for this sequence (about 5 seconds) ?

Jason LeBlanc said...

That's just music tracked in from 8m5

Unknown said...

No, i don't agree with you. The sequence i am speaking about is between Indy rides the statue (00:00-01:00 begining of "escaping the pit") and the end of "escaping the pit" which emphasise the "Marion with skeletons and mummy" sequence in the movie.
During about 5s, we can hear the Indy fanfare at the exact point when the statue falls in the movie. This musical sequence doesn't exit in none track, even on bootlegs and unreleased music.

Faleel said...

actually it is it is just edited to fit the film

Anonymous said...

AHA! What about the Cairo Marketplace Music? The in-universe stuff that directly precedes The Basket Game?

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